Structure of the department

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Deputy Minister



Minister Edna Molewa
Deputy Minister Ms Barbara Thompson
Director-General Ms Nosipho Ngcaba

Ms Barbara Creecy


Ms Maggie Sotyu


Ms Nosipho Ngcaba

Unit: Financial
Management Services
Internal Audit
 Office of the Chief Operating Officer 
Chief Financial Officer Ms Esther Makau
Chief Operating Officer: Ms Limpho Makotoko
CFO Ms Esther
  DDG Ms Limpho Makotoko
Branch: Climate Change, Air Quality and Sustainable Development Branch:
Chemicals and
Waste Management 
Branch: Regulatory Compliance and Sector Monitoring Branch: Biodiverstiy and Conservation Branch: Oceans and Coasts Branch: Environmental Programmes
Acting Deputy Director-General Mr Mark Gordon
Deputy Director-General Mr Ishaam Abader
Deputy Directro-General Mr Shonisani Munzhedzi
Deputy Director-General Mr Monde Mayekiso
Deputy Director-General Dr Guy Preston
Dr. Tsakani Ngomane
DDG Mark Gordon  DDG
Mr Ishaam
 DDG Mr Shonisani Munzhedzi DDG Ms Judy
 DDG Dr. Guy Preston


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