Environmental Advisory Services


Purpose and functions



To provide strategic environmental advisory and implementation support services to the department’s national and international environmental and sustainable development mandates


  • To effectively manage and facilitate governance support for the department’s international relations and engagements and cooperation agreements.
  • Manage overall environmental intelligence and  support knowledge management in the Department
  • To manage, plan, coordinate and lead South Africa’s Sustainable Development agenda ,both nationally and internationally.
  • To manage the provision of administration support services to the Unit: Environmental Advisory Services.
  • To develop, promote and implement an effective and efficient integrated environmental management system within South Africa
  • Manage the development and implementation of an integrated state of the environment reporting system and facilitate National sustainable development and greening policy processes and initiatives.


Structure and contact details



 Administrative Support:



Chief Directorate: Integrated Environmental Management:
Ms Dee Fischer

Chief Policy Advisor:  International Governance:  Mr Zaheer Fakir

Chief Policy Advisor: Sustainable Development: 

Chief Policy Advisor: Strategic Environmental Intelligence: Mr Peter Lukey 

Chief Policy Advisor - Strategic Environmental Intelligence: Mr Peter Luckey
Tel: +27 12 399 8843
Mail Ms Fischer 
Tel: +27 12 399 9235
Mail Mr Fakir
Tel: +27 12 399 9249
 Mail Mr Lukey


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