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Financial Management Services

Introduction and purpose
Structure and contact details



To manage and monitor the provision of financial management services in the department (head office and Cape Town)


  • To render effective and efficient financial, budgeting and supply chain management services to the Accounting Officer in terms of the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 and the Treasury Regulations.
  • To render financial planning, budgeting and control services to the department.
  • Render effective and efficient procurement of goods and services to the department in order to ensure proper implementation of the department’s key focus areas and in particular transformation in SCM
  • To manage an efficient and effective bookkeeping system


Structure and contact details


Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Ms Esther Makau 
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Ms Esther Makau
Telephone: +27 12 399 9038
Chief Directorate -
Budget and Financial Management:
Ms Veronica Steyn
Chief Directorate -
Supply Chain Management:
Mr Sekwati Rakhoho
Chief Directorate -
Financial Support Services (Cape Town):
Mr Saliem Mohamed
Chief Directorate Financial and Budget mgmt Veronica Steyn
Chief Director Supply Chain Management  Mr Sekwati Rakhoho
Chief Director Mr Saliem Mohamed
Tel: +27 12 399 9083
Mail Ms Steyn
Tel: +27 12 399 9043
Mail Mr Rakhoho
Tel: +27 21 819 2420
Mail Mr Mohamed


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