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Introduction - the beginningThe Department has, over the years, facilitated the development of progressive environmental management legislation and frameworks, which we continue to review and enhance where necessary. In recent years we have made a conscious decision to focus our efforts on implementation, monitoring compliance and taking enforcement action against transgressors.

Improving compliance with related environmental legislation remains a key area of focus for Legal Authorisations and Compliance Inspectorate. This is done through continued implementation of various interventions aimed at ensuring that we deal effectively with the growing trend of non-compliance and non-adherence to the existing environmental legislative framework.


Purpose and functions



To promote the development of an enabling legal regime, licensing/ authorization system that will promote enforcement and compliance


  • To provide a high quality legal services that enables DEA to protect and conserve the environment
  • To provide an effective and efficient legal service support to enable Department to deliver on its mandate 
  • To strengthen, enhance and coordinate the environmental regulatory framework related to environmental impact management 
  • To promote compliance with environmental legislation
  • To enforce compliance with environmental legislations
  • To provide cooperative governance and administrative support to the office


Structure and contact details


Deputy Director-General Legal Authorisations and Compliance Inspectorate: Mr Ishaam Abader
Deputy Directro-General Ishaam Abader
Telephone: +27 12 399 9330
Fax: +27 12 322 1936
Directorate - Administrative Support: Dr Ranjini Pillay
Tel: +27 12 399 9332
Mail Dr Pillay

Chief Directorate-
Law Reform and Appeals:
Ms Linda Garlipp
Chief Directorate -
Mr Sonnyboy Bapela
Chief Directorate -
Integrated Environmental Authorisations: Mr Sabelo Malaza
Chief Directorate -
Corporate Legal Support and Litigation: Ms Vanessa Bendeman
Chief Directorate -
Enforcement: Ms Frances Craigie
Chief Direcor Linda Garlipp
Chief Director Ms Francis Craigie
Tel: +27 12 399 9348
Mail Ms Garlipp
 Tel: +27 12 399 9422
Mail Mr Bapela
Tel: +27 12 399 8792
Mail Mr Malaza
 Tel: +27 12 399 9337
Mail Ms Bendeman
Tel: +27 12 399 9460
Mail Ms Craigie


Related events with media products



National Environmental Compliance Enforcement Lekgotla   

Since 2006, the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has hosted a series of multi-stakeholder conferences focused on environmental compliance and enforcement.

The following events have taken place in the past:

  • the first Environmental Enforcement Conference (EEC), February 2006, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
  • the second Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Lekgotla (ECEL), 2007, Golden Gate, Free State;
  • the third Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Lekgotla, 2009, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape; and
  • the fourth Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Lekgotla, 2012, Polokwane, Limpopo; and
  • the fifth Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Lekgotla, 2013, Hermanus, Western Cape.
  2015 event (upcoming) • 2013 event

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Appeals and Legal Review   

The Directorate: Appeals and Legal Review is responsible for administering appeals and making recommendations on appeals to the Minister of Environmental Affairs. Subsection 43(1A) of NEMA further determines that any person may appeal to the Minister against a decision made in terms of NEMA or any of the SEMAs by the Minister responsible for mineral resources or any person acting under that Minister’s delegated authority. The Minister may, in terms of subsection 5 of NEMA consider and decide an appeal or appoint an appeal panel to consider and advise the Minister on the appeal.




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