08 January 2019 - The Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, Ms Barbara Creecy, will tomorrow, 09 January 2020, host a stakeholder meeting with the fishing coastal community of Port Nolloth, in the Northern Cape Province. South Africa has a long history of coastal communities utilising the marine resources for various purposes, using mostly traditional methods of fishing with limited benefit from technology.

21 December 2019 - The Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries can confirm that the Green Scorpions issued a compliance notice to the management of Kendal Power Station to prepare a maintenance plan that should be submitted by the 12th January 2020. This plan will enable the power station to improve its compliance with the Minimum Air Quality standards.

18 December 2019 - Members of the public are invited to submit comments and inputs on the Draft 3rd  National Waste Management Strategy. The revised and updated Strategy was published in Government Gazette 42879 (Notice No.  1561)  on 3 December 2019 as a requirement of the Waste Act to establish the National Wast Management Strategy (NWMS) and the review the strategy every five years. 

14 December 2019 - As we move towards the closing session of COP25, Barbara Creecy, African Ministers Conference Environment (AMCEN) President, has urged parties not to abandon their quest to promote ambition in their search for compromises. Speaking on the sidelines of the conference, Barbara Creecy said that: “for Africa, true to the language of the Paris Agreement, there have always been three related and equally important aspects to ambition: ambition with...

13 December 2019 - The department has noted with concern reports from members of the public about the harassment of whales super-groups* by boat and drone operators along the West coast of South Africa. This follows reports that a larger than usual number of whales (super-groups) is feeding off the West coast of South Africa. The localities of these feeding super-groups coincide with areas of high vessel traffic.