1st Hunting Indaba - 2012

Event date: 
2012-10-26 11:53

2012 Hunting Indaba



Introduction and background 

The Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs is convening an Indaba to create a platform for discussions on hunting and its role and contribution to conservation, transformation and economic growth.

Hunting is a popular sport in South Africa and the government supports and promotes responsible hunting that is done in an ecologically sustainable manner and that contributes to the conservation of the species involved. The hunting industry is currently regulated in terms of both provincial and national legislation, resulting in a number of challenges that could impact, not only on the sustainability of the industry, but may also have an impact on conservation.At the same time there is a real need to address transformation challenges in the sector to ensure barriers are removed and opportunities created.

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Purpose and objectives

The main purpose of Indaba is to create an opportunity for the hunting industry and other government entities to interact and deliberate on successes, concerns, challenges and opportunities in the industry. The hunting indaba will provide a platform for discussions on the socio-ecological and economic contribution and impact of hunting; community involvement in hunting; transformation of the industry; hunting in protected areas;and the legislative framework regulating hunting.The Indaba will allow for open discussions and hopefully lead to the development of a comprehensive national framework for the hunting industry.

In an effort to ensure effective interactions and deliberations on key issues, theDepartment of Environmental Affairs has established 4 key thematic areas for discussion. Commissions will be established at the Indaba to discuss each thematic area:

  • Ecological Impact of hunting and associated activities;
  • Economic contribution of hunting;
  • Legislation (Inc. Responsible Hunting/ Ethical practices in hunting); and
  • Community involvement in hunting and transformation

The outcomes from these four key thematic areas will form the basis to develop an informed national strategic framework for hunting, including guidance on interventions required to address challenges and opportunities to be explored to increase the benefits derived from the industry.


Theme of the Hunting Indaba

The theme of the Hunting Indaba is: "Strengthening the contribution of the hunting sector to conservation, transformation and economic growth"


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