SAE 2019: The South African Environment 2019 Edition

Announcing the availability of the 2019 synthesis of South African state of environment and environmental outlook information


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The Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment is pleased to announce the release and availability of the web-based South African Environment (SAE) 2019. In accordance with Goal 6 of the 1997 White Paper on Environmental Management Policy for South Africa, this edition is part of government’s ongoing work to periodically and transparently monitor and report on the state of the South African environment. The SAE 2019 is a synthesis of current (no older than four years) South African state of environment information, covering available provincial state of environment information, and also reflecting on environmental issues related to climate change, biodiversity, biological invasions, land degradation, air quality, and oceans and coasts. The launch of this edition marks the first, tentative, step in the department’s attempts to bring state of environment reporting into the information age and, unlike the past, future editions will be published every year from now on.

The SAE 2019 can be accessed on

The department’s state of environment information team would like to express its appreciation to the drafting team for the hard work and dedication that resulted in the successful co-creation of the SAE 2019, to the compilers of the various component reports, and to the emerging state of environment information community of practise that is shaping the future of state of environment reporting in South Africa.

With this, we would love to hear your feedback on this fledgling reporting initiative. Also, for those who are actively involved in state of environment information collection, dissemination and use, please be on the lookout for the date, towards end January 2021 - beginning February 2021, of our annual State of Environment reporting Community of Practice meeting.

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