Environmental Affairs Budget Vote 2015 / 16

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2015-05-14 09:55
Introduction and background
Media launch
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Introduction - the beginningThe Minister and Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs delivered the department’s budget vote speeches for 2015/16 financial year on the 14 May 2015 in Parliament, Cape Town. An exhibition in parliament on the dya of the budget was organised and a budget vote speech gala dinner was also hosted at the venue close to Parliament.




Following the approval by Cabinet of the National Climate Change Response Policy and in tandem with our sustainable development agenda, DEA has pursued a programme to implement simple and practical measures to reduce carbon emissions to mitigate against the impact of global warming and climate change.

Nissan South Africa accepted the proposal to implement the environmental friendly zero emission pure electric vehicles pilot initiative with DEA as a joint venture, for the benefit of the environment. The DEA green cars pilot initiative is one of the practical interventions aimed at the reduction of carbon emissions.

Through the Branch: Environmental Programmes, the DEA will showcase methods of using bio-mass from invasive alien plants to make eco-friendly furniture for households and offices. This initiative ensures the use of labour intensive methods in making this furniture and other similar products and addressing the scourge of employment around the country.

The Oceans and Coasts branch will showcase its work in research and management of marine life through the SA Agulhas II vessel. A concept model of the vessel and other products will be part of the Budget Vote exhibition.

One of the products that will showcased at the exhibition is the Departments Ocean Observation System, part of the Better Understanding Of Your Oceans “BUOY-O” initiative. Ocean BUOY-O collect data and provide information that can both give a better understanding of long term changes as well as providing early warnings of ocean hazards. With the envisaged Early-Warning System, the products derived from the scientific data will be able to inform all stakeholders and the public of the most recent ocean conditions and whether any ocean-based hazards are imminent, thereby linking science with direct benefits to society. As a consequence of this understanding and preparedness, life and property can be better protected; and the socio-economic contribution of key sectors to the Blue Economy can be better developed.


Objectives of the exhibition

  • To create awareness about the benefits of Blue Economy
  • To raise awareness about Waste Management, i.e. Recycle, Re-Use and Reduce
  • To highlight our actions which are contributing towards environmental degradation
  • To accelerate efforts to protect the environment and ultimately improve the quality of life of South Africans
  • To provide Climate Change information that is accurate, concise and easy to understand


Media launch 



Minister Edna Molewa and Deputy Minister Barbara Thompson brief media on Environmental Affairs' 2015/16 Budget Vote

One of the greatest development challenges of the 21st century is the impact of a changing climate caused by greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution of the atmosphere. As part of our contribution to addressing the challenges posed by climate, we have developed a Climate Change Response Policy and a Green Economy Strategy that are guided by the National Development Plan vision of a just transition to an inclusive, equitable, low carbon and climate resilient economy and society by 2030.


Budget vote media briefing 2015 / 16 - molewa and Thomson


Budget vote Speeches and gallery 


Minister Edna Molewa tables Department of Environmental Affairs 2015/2016 Budget Vote policy statement

I have the honour to table the budget, programmes and priorities of the Department of Environmental Affairs Vote for 2015/2016.This budget reflects our mandate to protect the right of all South Africans to an environment that is not harmful to health and well-being, and further reflects the overwhelming mandate given to the ruling party by South Africans to address the triple challenges of job creation, poverty and inequality.




Deputy Minister Barbara Thomson tables Department of Environmental Affairs 2015/2016 Budget Vote policy statement

In 1990, Dr Albie Sachs, a veteran of the ANC and former Constitutional Court Judge wrote “It is not just playing with metaphors to say that we are fighting to free the land, the sky, the waters as well as the people. Apartheid not only degrades the inhabitants of our country, it degrades the earth, the air and the streams. When we say Mayibuye i-Africa we are not only calling for the return of legal title, but also for the restoration of the land, the forest and the atmosphere. The greening of our country is basic to this healing.”