Biodiversity Economy Indaba

Event date: 
2013-11-11 (All day) to 2013-11-12 (All day)
Introduction and background
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Introduction and background


Biodiversity is recognised globally as the cornerstone for economic growth and sustainable development.  South Africa is one of the most mega-biodiverse countries in the world and needs to find ways in which to harness the sector so that it can effectively contribute to economic growth.  This requires dialogue at national, regional and international levels to consider possible means of biodiversity trading in Africa in a manner that is sustainable and can contribute to the continent’s green economy. 

To meet its Constitutional mandate, the Department of Environmental Affairs hosted the Bioprospecting, Access and Benefit-Sharing Permits Celebrations in 2011 and 2012 and the first Hunting Indaba in 2012.

It has been decided to this year host the 2013 Biodiversity Economy Indaba over two days, bringing together stakeholders from biodiversity economy sectors in the hunting, game farm and related industries and bioprospecting, natural product and biotrade industries to consider the contribution of these sectors to economic growth (GDP).




The theme for the Biodiversity Economy Indaba is aligned to the 2014 Conference of Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity theme – Biodiversity for Sustainable Development.

The Biodiversity Economy Indaba will see the Wildlife Economy and Bioprospecting and Biotrade Economy workshops being hosted concurrently.

The focus of the Wildlife Economy meeting is to discuss the economic value of wildlife and the hunting industry in South Africa, industry transformation, community involvement, the introduction of a South African certification scheme and the identification of challenges in, and solutions for, the implementation of an Action Plan to ensure ideal growth.

The Biodiversity and Biotrade Economy meeting will discuss the economic value of the sector, involvement by the community and the role of industry, the introduction of a South African certification scheme, and the development of an Action Plan to ensure optimum growth.


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