COP18, Doha, Qatar

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2012-11-26 08:36 to 2012-12-07 08:36

COP18 Qatar   

Introduction and background
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Introduction and background


The 18th session of the Conference of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the 8th session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (COP18/CMP8), will take place from 26 November to 7 December 2012 at the Qatar National Convention Centre in Doha, Qatar.
The conference will be hosted by the Government of Qatar and supported by the UNFCCC secretariat. As nominated by the Asia-Pacific Group, H.E. Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah has been designated as the incoming President for COP 18 and CMP8.
The climate talks in Durban have moved the climate agenda forward with the Durban Platform. At COP17 nations set specific targets for their meeting at COP18 in Doha this year. These include essential work to trigger greater climate action and to take the next concrete steps to fill existing gaps in the international policy response to climate change. 
Under the Kyoto protocol the objective is to amend the existing treaty under which industrialized countries commit to emission cuts, so that it continues into a second commitment period in 2013, and ensure the international infrastructure and accounting rules are preserved.
In addition to the Kyoto Protocol, which is focused on mitigation, the other negotiation track set up under the UNFCCC in 2007 has the objective to finalize its work in Doha. Work under that track has resulted in a number of agreements and institutional frameworks for mitigation, adaptation, finance, technology and capacity building. However, additional decisions in Doha may be needed if this group is to close successfully, particularly on finance to support developing countries’ efforts to deal with climate change.
The climate talks in Durban led to the establishment of the Durban Platform. The Ad hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action is tasked to take the next steps necessary to negotiate a global climate change agreement to be adopted by 2015, and to enter into force from 2020. It will need to raise current inadequate global ambition to deal with climate change, including cutting greenhouse gas emissions even faster.
Other decisions in Doha relate to the host country of the Green Climate Fund and to a decision on the host of the Climate Technology Centre and Network.


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