World Meteorological Day

Event date: 
2012-03-23 (All day)

In 1960 the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) decided that 23 March should be celebrated as World Meteorological Day. The purpose is to focus attention on the important role that meteorology and meteorological services play in the general welfare of mankind.

Important facts:

  • Climatological data collected and processed over many years by the South African Weather Service play an extremely important role during the planning phase in the construction industry (buildings, dams, bridges, etc.), in agriculture, forestry and aviation, determining flood levels, etc.
  • Timely forecasts of hazardous weather (extremes of cold and heat, heavy rain, etc.) can save the country millions of rand every year.

A new theme and a slogan are chosen annually to improve the public's understanding of the activities of the Weather Service.