National Green Jobs Dialogue

Event date: 
2014-04-09 (All day)


Introduction and background
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Introduction and background


South Africa’s short, medium and long-term vision for contribution towards an environmentally sustainable, climate-change resilient, low-carbon economy and just society as outlined in the Cabinet approved National Strategy for Sustainable Development and Action plan to 2014, Green Economy Accord, New Growth Path to 2020 and National Development Plan vision 2030 demonstrated emergence to adopt smart developmental approach.

The vision is also supported by various sets of sector policies and reports in consideration of the strategic sector for economic growth and to deal with poverty and unemployment amongst others. The Green Jobs Report presented a short, medium and long-term road map through outlining substantial opportunities for the creation of sustainable employment through the introduction of new activities in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.

The concept of Green Job has thus become a focus of policy debate and has been mainstreamed into the work of the United Nations and International Labour Organization (ILO). Though the discussion is on-going on the concept and definition, the ILO however, contextualized it within the framework of sustainable development- through demonstrating linkages between environment, the economy and society. Hence, Green Jobs is defined as jobs that are decent in sectors including agriculture, manufacturing or services that: reduce consumption of energy and raw materials (dematerialize economies), limit greenhouse gas emissions (decarbonize economies), minimize waste and pollution, protect and restore ecosystems and help in adapting to climate change. Although, South Africa has a clear perspective on its approach to transitioning toward a Green economy, the approach to green jobs is still being explored.

The department as the custodian of the Green Fund jointly collaborated with the International Labour Organization (ILO) in hosting the National Green Jobs Dialogue. The dialogue provided a platform for further discussion, collaboration and refinement to current government approaches to addressing green jobs.


The main objectives of the Dialogue included the following:

  • To present existing  green jobs opportunities and challenges in the country, in relation to youth unemployment,
  • To create a platform for sharing best international approach to green jobs concept and
  • To contextualize the South African definition of Green Jobs.


The following presentations were presented during the National Green Jobs Dialogue:


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