The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park and Conservation Area expands its conservation area

24 February 2017


The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park and Conservation Area Trilateral Ministerial Committee Meeting was held in Maputo on 24 February 2017 to take stock of the progress and endorse the further implementation of the activities in the GLTP as coordinated through the Joint Management Board comprising the three partner countries of Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The Ministers noted the incorporation of the Greater Libombos Conservancy (GLC) as an addition to the GLTFCA which is a crucial development for the enhancement of the implementation of the International Treaty establishing the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park and Conservation Area.  The Ministers resolved that the process for the formalisation of this incorporation between the countries must be finalised by the Governments of Mozambique and South Africa.

We, the GLTP Trilateral Ministerial Committee, hereby declare the following:

  1. Conservation and Protection:
    • Reaffirm the implementation of the wildlife translocation programme for the GLTFCA and the continuation of the restocking of species into key protected areas in the Mozambiican component of the GLTFCA.
    • Approve the rollout of the joint operations protocol in all three countries and further interaction with the Joint Permanent Commission on Defence and Security in relation to combatting wildlife crime.
    • Direct the JMB to develop the joint ongoing research programme across the elements of the treaty.
  2. Tourism
    • Note progress on tourism development and the need to further interact with Ministers responsible for immigration and borderline control to further facilitate cross border tourism initiatives.
  3. Institutional Reform
    • Note progress made with the institutional reform strategy including the creation of joint park management committees between the various components of the GLTFCA.
  4. Marketing Communications and Information Sharing
    • Note progress on the communication and marketing strategy which creates awareness and markets the tourism offerings and opportunities within the GLTFCA and the further expansion thereof.
    • Endorse the implementation of the youth programme and direct  the JMB to facilitate the rollout across the three countries.
  5. Community Beneficiation
    • Endorse the Integrated Livelihoods Diversification Strategy aimed at creating tangible benefits to the communities living in, and adjacent to, the TFCA.
    • Further packaging of opportunities in order to broaden the participation of local entrepreneurs as well as broad-based empowerment and development.
  6. Joint Training and Capacity Building
    • Note the role of targeted training and skills development for the sustainability of the GLTFCA programmes and initiatives and direct to expand the training programme across the three countries.
  7. GLTP Financial Sustainability
    • Direct the JMB to develop a financial sustainability strategy for the GLTP.

In addition to the above, Mozambique will be launching an international conference on conservation and the protection of wildlife.

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