Media registration for 3rd Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) Ministerial Conference in South Africa open

09 November 2018


Media are invited to register for the 3rd Ministerial Conference of the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) to be hosted by South Africa at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 10 to 11 January 2019.

The 3rd Conference, under the theme Advancing Inclusive and Sustainable Economies, follows two successful conferences in Dubai in 2014 and Berlin in 2017.

PAGE was launched in 2013 as a response to the call at Rio+20 to support those countries wishing to embark on greener and more inclusive growth trajectories. It places sustainability at the heart of economic policies and practices to advance the 2030 United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development, and supports nations and regions in reframing economic policies and practices around sustainability to foster economic growth, create income and jobs, reduce poverty and inequality, and strengthen the ecological foundations of their economies.

PAGE brings together five UN agencies – UN Environment, International Labour Organization, UN Development Programme, UN Industrial Development Organization, and UN Institute for Training and Research – whose mandates, expertise and networks combined can offer integrated and holistic support to countries on inclusive green economy, ensuring coherence and avoiding duplication.

PAGE represents a mechanism to coordinate UN action on green economy and to assist countries in achieving and monitoring the emerging Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 8: "Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.”

South Africa has been at the forefront of championing green economy. The 3rd PAGE Ministerial Conference will provide an opportunity for member states to reinforce the commitment to transition to a green/ sustainable economy and to demonstrate implementation of the tools and strategies to accelerate, scaling up and to sustain the momentum on deepening green economy principles in the heart of socio-economic and environmental planning frameworks.

South Africa was among the pioneers in adopting the green economy strategies. The hallmark was the signing of the Green Economy Accord in 2011 and the adoption in 2012 of the National Development Plan 2030, which committed our country to an “environmentally sustainable and equitable transition to a low carbon economy.”

As such, South Africa has put in place many programmes and policy frameworks in the recent past, to translate the NDP Vision 2030into action. The country is currently implementing programmes to promote energy efficiency, green transport, sustainable housing and climate resilient agriculture.

The deadline for media registration is 10 December 2018.


1. Media wishing to register to cover the 3rd PAGE Conference may do so by visiting:

Media are required to register online prior to arrival at the Conference to meet security screening requirements.  Media will not be able to register on arrival at the venue.

2. Media wishing to broadcast live from the conference are required to apply for a temporary broadcast license from the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).

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The PAGE Secretariat at   

Albi Modise, Chief Director: Communications, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa, on +27 83 490 2871