Edna Molewa publishes notice to consider four Tyre Industry Waste Management Plans

11 May 2018


The Minister of Environmental Affairs, Dr Edna Molewa acting under section 32(5A), read with sections 72 and 73 of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (Act No. 59 of 2008) has given notice to consider four Industry Waste Tyre Management Plans in Government Gazette No: 41612 of 07 May 2018.

Waste tyres have been identified as a priority waste stream based on the threat that their indiscriminate disposal pose to the environment. The broad policy direction is to reduce the environmental externalities associated with waste tyres by diverting waste tyres away from landfill and maximizing the value extracted from waste tyres as a resource by encouraging re-use, recycling and waste to energy.

The plans received are Tyre Waste Abatement & Minimisation Initiative of South Africa (TWAMISA), Evergreen Energy (Pty) Ltd, JPC Energy Systems and South African Tyre Reuse Company (SATRUCO).

The Industry Waste Tyre Management Plans were received for consideration in response to Government Notice No.1148, published in Government Gazette No. 41213 of 30 October 2017 under section 28(1) of National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008, which called upon the tyre industry to prepare and submit an industry waste tyre management plan for approval.

Amongst other factors, comments must focus specifically on the advantages or disadvantages of each of the industry waste tyre management plans advancing sound waste tyre management throughout aspects of the value chain (Design to post-consumer phase; all sources and types of waste tyres considered in the industry waste tyre management plan).

The public is also invited to comment on the demonstration and response by the various plans on upstream and downstream value chain, including the market demand and supply analysis. Circular economy is at the heart of resource efficiency and relevant comments in this regard are encouraged.  Views on the impact of the plans on training and development towards the creation of sustainable jobs are welcome.  Opinions on the various plans responsiveness to social upliftment of the vulnerable communities, participation and professionalising of the informal sector would be appreciated.

Remarks on the financial proposal/cost structure for implementation of the industry waste tyre management plan are also welcome.

Public Hearings will be held on the following dates:


No Province Date and Start Time Meeting Venue
1 KwaZulu-Natal 18 May 2018, 9am Olive Convention Centre
81 Somtseu Rd,North Beach, Durban
2 Gauteng 21 May 2018, 9am Environment House
473, Steve Biko & Soutpansberg Rd, Pretoria
3 Western Cape 23 May 2018, 13:30 Town House Hotel
60 Corporation St, Cape Town
4 Free State 24 May 2018, 9am Protea Hotel Marriott Willow Lake
101 Henry St, Willows, Bloemfontein
5 North-West 30 May 2018, 9am Protea Hotel Marriott Hunters Rest
Rustenburg Rd, Rustenburg
6 Polokwane 31 May 2018, 9am Protea Hotel Marriott, The Ranch
Farm Hollands Drift, Polokwane
7 Eastern Cape 4 June 2018,    9am East London International Convention Centre
2 Marine Park Complex, 22 Esplanade St, East London

» http://sawic.environment.go.za

Please click on the link below for the Gazette for the content requirements:

» National Environmental Management Waste Act (59/2008): Consultation on the proposed Industry Waste Tyre Management Plans (Gn 41612)

Members of the public are invited to submit to the Minister, within 30 days from the date of publication of this Notice in the Government Gazette, written inputs or comment on the four Industry Waste Tyre.

Management Plans to the following addresses:

The Minister,
Department of Environmental Affairs,
Environment House,
473 Steve Biko Road,

By hand: Reception, Environment House, 473 Steve Biko Road, Arcadia, Pretoria

By e-mail: MJMusekene@environment.gov.za

Any inquiries can be directed to Ms Mamogala Musekene at 012 399 9407.  Comments received after the closing date will not be considered.