National Climate Change Bill public consultations underway

02 July 2018


Public consultations on the National Climate Change Bill are still underway, following the publication of the Bill for public comment in Government Gazette 41689 (Notice No. 636) by the Minister of Environmental Affairs, Dr Edna Molewa.

The purpose of the Bill is to build an effective climate change response and ensure the long-term, just transition to a climate resilient and lower carbon economy and society.  This will be done within the context of sustainable development for South Africa, and will provide for all matters related to climate change.

The Bill acknowledges that anthropogenic climate change represents an urgent threat to human societies and the environment, and requires an effective, progressive and well-coordinated   response.  It further highlights that, amongst others, anticipated domestic climate change impacts have the potential to undermine the country’s development goals, and that responses to climate change raise unique challenges, thus requiring a legislative framework for the implementation of the country’s national climate change response.

The National Climate Change Bills addresses issues related institutional and coordination arrangement across the three spheres of government namely national, provincial and local. It further highlights the need    the spheres of government and entities, sectors as well business to respond to challenges of climate change. The bill further address the matters relating to, the national adaptation to impacts of climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and removals, and policy alignment and institutional arrangements.

The objectives of the proposed Act are to:

  • Provide for the  coordinated and integrated response to climate change and its impacts by all spheres of government in accordance with the principles of cooperative governance;
  • Provide for the effective management of inevitable climate change impacts through enhancing adaptive capacity, strengthening resilience and reducing vulnerability to climate change, with a view to building social, economic, and environmental resilience and an adequate national adaptation response in the context of the global climate change response;  and to
  • Make a fair contribution to the global effort to stabilise greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that avoids dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system within a timeframe and in a manner that enables economic, employment, social and environmental development to proceed in a sustainable manner.

Timelines are set in the Bill for the establishment by the Minister of a national environmentally sustainable development framework for achieving the goals of the proposed Act, set out national adaptation objectives to guide adaptation to climate change impacts, determine a national greenhouse gas emissions trajectory for South Africa and the greenhouse gas thresholds that will determine carbon budget liability.

Section 24 of the Constitution of South Africa states that everyone has a right to an environment that is not harmful to their health and well-being, and that all have the right to have the environment protected for the benefit of present and future generation, while allowing justifiable environmentally sustainable economic and social development.

The Western Cape leg of the public consultation will take place as follows:


Date Venue Time
03 July 2018

Hotel Verde
Cape Town Airport Vicinity
15 Michigan Street, Airport Industria, Cape Town

08:30- 15:00

Members of the media are invited to cover the event

For media confirmations please contact Ms Siziphiwe Maxengana on / 021 814 8064

For media queries please contact:

Albi Modise
Cell: 083 490 2871