South Africa to host Donor Conference for Benguela Current Commission

01 December 2014


Partners and sponsors of the Benguela Current Commission (BCC) will come together in Pretoria on 4 December, to discuss the five-year funding requirements of the intergovernmental organisation.

The BCC was established in 2007 by the governments of Angola, Namibia and South Africa to promote an ecosystem approach to the management of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME).  This means the three countries are working together through the BCC to optimise the economic benefits derived from the resources of the BCLME, while also addressing the environmental problems that affect the region.

The BCLME is one of the most productive marine ecosystems on earth. It extends from east of the Cape of Good Hope, northwards into Angolan waters and encompasses the full extent of Namibia’s marine environment. It is an important centre of marine biodiversity and marine food production, with goods and services valued at approximately US$269 billion per year. Commercial fisheries, shipping, tourism and the extraction of non-living resources such as oil, gas, diamonds and other minerals, are the focus of economic activities.

The BCC is jointly funded by the governments of Angola, Namibia and South Africa, with additional support provided by a number of long-term supporters, including the Global Environment Facility, the United Nations Development Programme and the governments of Norway, Germany and Iceland. At Thursday’s meeting, which is being hosted by the Department of Environmental Affairs, the Commission’s long-term supporters – and potential sponsors – will learn about the activities that are planned for the next five years and the funding required to implement a Strategic Action Programme that was recently formulated and adopted by the three countries.

“The countries of the BCLME are highly aware of their responsibility to balance industrial development with sound environmental management,” explains Dr Hashali Hamukuaya, Executive Secretary of the BCC.

“We look forward to detailing some of the strategies we will be implementing over the next five years and presenting a budget required for the countries to address environmental issues jointly and cooperatively.” 

Members of the media are invited to attend the event as follows:

Venue: Southern Sun Hotel, Pretoria

Date: 4 December 2014


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