Green Fund tender notice and invitation to tender


The Department of Environmental Affairs' (DEA) Green Fund in liaison with the Development of Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) formally invites suitably qualified and experienced service providers to tender for conducting feasibility studies on the following innovative green economy waste management sub-sectors:

RFP054/2018 - Feasibility Studies on Waste Water Treatment Plants: The service provider will conduct feasibility studies on waste water treatment plants in order to determine the viability to generate energy and I or ability to recycle effluent and generate fertilizer I ameliorants from sludge.

RFPOSS/2018 - Feasibility to set up plastic pelletisation plants: The service provider will conduct a feasibility study on pelletisation of plastics. The feasibility findings will be used as a point of reference to develop training and skills development programmes, and a business plan for pursuing SMME incubation for the setting up of plastic pelletisation plants, should be produced.

RFP056/2018 - Baseline assessment of Waste quantities for establishing small material recovery Facility (MRF): The service provide will undertake literature review and conduct a baseline assessment on municipal waste in Limpopo and Northern Cape provinces; inclusive of waste generation quantities, quantities of different waste streams under various waste management options, and subsequent impact.

The tender documents will be available for downloading as below.



2018 - 04 - 12 11:00

Feasibility study and baseline assessment for establishing a small MRF (Material Recovery Facility) processing mixed recyclable waste with a throughput capacity of 300 – 500 tons per month in major towns in Limpopo, the Northern Cape, North West and Eastern Cape.
RFP055/2018 2018 - 04 - 12 11:00 Feasibility study for setting up waste plastic pelletization plants in South Africa.
RFP054/2018 2018 - 04 - 12 11:00 Feasibility study on waste water treatment plants to determine viability to generate energy and the ability to recycle effluent and/or generate fertilizer or ameliorants from the resulting sludge.

Tenderers may address all queries or enquiries related to the tender via email to the following address

Tender closing date Date: 12 April 2018

Time: 11:00 AM at TELKOM TIME

Sealed tenders, clearly marked with tender number, name of tenderer and addressed to the Development Bank of Southern Africa should be delivered at a tender box situated at the Welcome Centre, 1 2S8 Lever Road, Midrand.

The Tender box can be accessed between 08:00 - 16:30 Monday to Friday. No late submissions will be accepted.


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