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Bid no. Closing Date Description Additional documents Link
E1438 2018-03-23 11:00 The appointment of a service providers to develop detailed town / spatial plans for existing and proposed new developments, including zoning for such new developments within the Umhlabuyalingana Municipal area of: (a) Broader Kosi Bay / Manguzi / Kwazibi / Mpukane Area (b) Lake Sibaya / Manzengwenya
REF: PROP2018001/4 2018-04-05 16:00 Green Fund request for proposals on projects: Anaerobic Digestion from Organic Waste, Waste to Energy from Waste Water Treatment plants, Waste Water Reclamation, Material Recovery Facilities. Documents attached here are: advert, TOR & application guide
Q-109/17-18 (Erratum) 2018-03-23 11:00 The appointment of a service provider to provide the chief directorate: natural resource management programmes and chief directorate corporate legal support and litigation with support pertaining to vetting of contracts and other legal documents
RFP056/2018 2018-04-12 11:00 Feasibility study and baseline assessment for establishing a small MRF (Material Recovery Facility) processing mixed recyclable waste with a throughput capacity of 300 – 500 tons per month in major towns in Limpopo, the Northern Cape, North West and Easte
RFP055/2018 2018-04-12 11:00 Feasibility study for setting up waste plastic pelletization plants in South Africa
RFP054/2018 2018-04-12 Feasibility study on waste water treatment plants to determine viability to generate energy and the ability to recycle effluent and/or generate fertilizer or ameliorants from the resulting sludge